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Find Where International Students Have Obtained Scholarships And Landed H-1B Jobs

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What is H-1B visa?

The H-1B visa as popularly known falls under the visa category of “H- 1B Specialty Occupations”. This is a temporary visa that enables foreign workers to work in the United States in a specialty occupation or as a fashion model of exceptional merit and ability.  Most...
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Optional Practical Training (OPT): Application in three easy steps

For most international students graduating in the spring semester, the typical application period for the OPT is from mid-March until July, while winter graduates typically start their application from mid -September until February.   Why these specific dates?...
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Frequently asked F1 visa interview questions

Frequently asked F1 visa interview questions are essential to review before going for your F1 visa interview. This is because chances are these questions would be asked at every F1 Visa interview but in a different wording. The paragraphs below, lists about 50...
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Best health policy and management schools in the US

With a graduate degree in Health Policy and Management, one can pursue a career as a Policy Analyst, Health Care Advocate and various another hospital managerial and administrative roles. Generally, the field of Healthcare  Management and Administration is...
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Common types of funding available for graduate degree in the US

Graduate schools in the USA can be very expensive with zero financial aid since that will mean paying out of pocket for tuition, general fees, and related expenses. Most graduate students typically secure funding for their graduate degrees from the schools they are...
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What is iStudentsUSA?

iStudentsUSA aims at helping international students navigate through the U.S. university system by sharing experiences of past applicants, current students and OPT students with incoming ones. Read More




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Graduate School Applicants

Are you planning to attend a U.S. University?  Do you need information on funding/scholarships, schools other applicants got admitted into and with what qualifications? Browse applicant profiles to get an overview of application statistics on U.S. graduate schools.

Current International Students

Are you currently enrolled or about to enroll in a U.S. University? Do you care to know more about getting ready for graduate school, graduation and everything in between? Get informed about the experiences of other international students across the States here.

OPT/H-1B Students

Do you plan to gain work experience in the U.S. after graduation? Whether internships, OPT jobs or full-time positions, click here to learn more about what international students have to say about U.S. job search and where students have landed their jobs.

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